Swansea Roofers

Swansea roofers are experienced, time served roofing contractors who have been serving customers, building and repairing roofs in and around the Swansea area for many years.

All of our employees are experienced roofing contractors

Guaranteed Roofing Services

We guarantee all the work we carry out so whether it is a repair, a rebuild or you simply need your chimney repointed, we are here to help. We are fully insured, both for Public liability as well as the all important Employers liability insurance.

Most of our work is guaranteed for ten years and this is certainly the case for new roof builds. Where we undertake repairs, the work is generally guaranteed for twelve months depending on the situation regarding the surrounding area and existing roof/ building construction.

Roofing Services in the Swansea area

The majority of our staff live in and around the Swansea area and it is likely that we will have reference projects that you will be able to look at. Some of our customers in the Swansea area have agreed that we share their detailsĀ  with prospective customers. If you would like to speak with someone we have dealt with before, please let us know and we will sort something out.