Chimney Removal in Swansea

If you are looking for chimney removal in Swansea or the South Wales area then we are happy to help. Out time served professional roofers can remove, replace, repair or refurbish your chimney and get your property looking great, free from damp and water ingress.

If you need to have your chimney removed safely, effectively and looking great afterwards then you are in the right place. We specialise in removing, re-pointing or replacing chimneys in and around the Swansea area.

When people have a new boiler (of course we assume fitted with correct ventilation), then the chimney can be considered redundant. chimneys are obviously more exposed than the majority of the house and can often become problematic, particularly on an older property.

Specialising in Chimney Removal in Swansea

Chimney removal in swansea

Time to remove the Chimney?

If you have a problem with a chimney then we are here to help. Whether it is removal of the chimney that is needed, a cover put onto the chimney to stop birds nesting inside, repointing, repair or even replacement, then we are happy to help. Obviously this is a specialist job, it’s far too dangerous to attempt yourselves, we know from experience that far too many people get seriously injured attempting to do this themselves, one of the reasons why we offer this service.

Chimney pots were once the outstanding feature of the British urban landscape; however nowadays, properties are not constructed in general with them as a feature. Of course, in the right setting they look great. Let us remove the chimney, safely and effectively for you or get your property weather tight again by repointing or renovating your chimney

Chimney Removal, Areas covered

We only operate in South Wales, traveling around a 5o mile radius from Carmarthen in the West to Cardiff in the East. If you are outside this area and have a large job or if there is no-one specialising in your area then we can often help. Please call us for a chat and we will see if we can get something organised for you.