Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof Solutions SwanseaFlat roofs were all the rage in the 1960’s and 1970’s and in some ways have seen a resurgence as the technology and systems that can now be used to build a flat roof has moved on massively. By far the majority of flat roof repairs we carry out are for “traditional” flat roofs which are made up from two or more built up layers of bituminous felt as their weather proofing.

Liquid applied systems such as glass fibre were introduced later and are now quite widely used in the Swansea area.
Whatever the construction method used, water pooling on the surface and not running off is not necessarily in itself the issue, the problem comes from water ingress into the building and that, of course is a major problem.

Flat Roof Solutions

There are a wide variety of solutions to this problem and our recommendation will depend on the age and condition of the roof, including the supporting structure. It could be that a simple repair or patch is the answer and it could equally be the case that a replacement roof is the only possible flat roof solution.
Whatever the situation you may happen to be in regarding your flat roof, we can help. One of our surveyors will pop over and have a chat ( a cup of tea is always welcome) and decide the best way to move forward. We will never pressure you or sell hard. It isn’t right and we won’t do that.
We will provide you with a cost-effective and competitive quote, fully costed, transparently detailing labour and materials and you can make up your own mind. We will work with your insurance company if you are claiming and you should be aware that insurance is generally for incidents rather than wear and tear.
For flat roof repairs, replacement or anything to do with roofing, please call us on 01792 680022 or email hello@swansearoofers.co.uk and we will be happy to help.