Choosing the Right Roofers in Swansea

Choosing a roofing company can be a daunting process. How on earth do you know who you can trust and who will actually do a great job for you. We’ve drawn up some tips to help you, trying very hard to be impartial but knowing I suppose that we are a bit biased.

(1) Reputation

Try and find previous customers who have had work done by the company. Most businesses should be happy for you to speak with previous customers; however beware of companies that will only refer you to friends and family who clearly will give a more favourable impression than the average. this area is tricky as many customers simply don’t want to be bothered by potential customers when they have had the work done, they simply want to carry on with their lives. Please be respectful of people’s time if you are going to speak with past customers when looking to choose your roofers in Swansea

(2) Guarantee

Guarantees are sometimes not worth the paper they are printed on. I a business goes to the wall, who is left to pick up the pieces? An insurance backed guarantee means that should the very worst happen to the business in question, you will still have a guarantee that means something and a method of remediation

(3) People

When you have an appointment to discuss your roofing needs, pay close attention. Does the representative turn up on time, professionally presented and do they know what they are talking about? If someone can’t be bothered to turn up on time for their meeting with you, do you think that they will deliver the job when they say so? Maybe, but the signs aren’t great. Are they really the best roofers in Swansea?

Choosing the best Roofers in Swansea(4) Follow-up/ Quote/ Pressure

We believe in doing things when we promise. If someone promises to get you a quote in 2 days but you end up having to chase them, what are the chances of having the full job properly completed on time? Of course delays happen, we are all human but accurate and timely follow-up are hallmarks of a professionally run business

(5) Too cheap?

Too cheap is definitely a problem. If you are getting three quotes (and we suggest you do), if there is a wide discrepancy between the quotes, we suggest further research. Cheapest definitely is not necessarily best when choosing roofers in Swansea.